Mons, Belgium


French, Dutch and Flemish to English translation work in the following fields:

  • Insurance: General and special conditions, policies, riders, endorsements, contracts, explanations of benefits, letters and certificates of coverage, customer brochures
  • Human Resources: Pension and retirement plans, health care and disability plans, worker’s compensation documents, group insurance documents, newsletters
  • Business and Corporate: Business plans, business and financial reports, press releases, company newsletters, meeting minutes, training presentations, memos and letters, market research survey responses
  • Legal: Contracts, by-laws, terms and conditions, service agreements, court procedural documents, discovery documents, adoption documents, birth and marriage certificates
  • Physical Sciences: Peer-reviewed physics and astronomy articles, abstracts, science articles for the general public, university webpages on science faculty research
  • Social Sciences: Women’s studies, sociology, and economics articles
  • International Development: Funding applications, program summaries, press releases
  • Education: Diplomas, academic transcripts, lesson plans, training materials
  • Arts and Culture: Classical music articles, artist biographies, film synopses, film critiques, art exhibit programs, museum exhibit texts

In addition, I edit and proofread English translations and copy in all of the above fields.

I use the Trados-compatible computer-assisted translation tools Wordfast Pro or MemoQ when a job so requires.